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Stanjo India Ltd. manufacturers deal in manufacturing and supply of an exquisite range of electrical and lighting equipment. Stanjo Ltd. is an electrical goods manufacturer based in Hyderabad. Stanjo specialises in manufacturing of industrial lighting equipment as well as home lighting equipment.
Our products include lights, fans, switches, wires and cables. We believe your dream house needs to have a perfect finishing touch to make it rise and shine.
At Stanjo we assure you the highest quality and a wide array of products to choose from. We are the 9th company in India to secure ISO and ISI certification for our CFL products. We invite you to try our products and see how our products can make your surroundings better. Let us light up your life with our products.
Stanjo - Power .to you !
We deal with exclusive chandeliers that are designed by Europeans and other designers. Our range of chandeliers, ceiling lights, Pendent lights and other modern lights offers different variety and best in class quality.
Illuminate the exterior of your dream house with Stanjo’s outdoor and garden lights. LED’s and MR 16 options are available to give your house that glittering look that would make it stand out among the rest.
Now turn your personal space into a place that you would cherish. We have lightings requirement to suit all needs and purpose from task lights to ambient lightings for your bathroom.